Post Graduate School
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University of Ilorin Post-Graduate School

Postgraduate School Board

The Post Graduate School is responsible to the Post Graduate Board. This Board is chaired by The Dean of The Post Graduate School.

Post-Graduate SchoolPost-Graduate School The membership of the Postgraduate School Board is composed of the Dean of Postgraduate School, the University Librarian as a member, one representative from each Faculty whose rank is not below the rank of Senior Lecturer, two Senate Representatives not below the rank of Senior Lecturer and the Sub-Dean of the Postgraduate School. The Secretary of the Postgraduate School serves as Secretary to the Board. This Board is governed by a set of terms of reference approved by the Senate.

Brief History
Postgraduate studies were commenced in the Faculty of Science in 1977 when two candidates were admitted for the Master of Science degree programme in the Department of Biological Sciences. The Postgraduate School was however inaugurated on the 8th November, 1983. Prior to that time matters relating to Postgraduate Programmes were managed by the Board of Postgraduate Studies which was inaugurated in March 1979 and the first set of graduate's convocated in 1983. The Postgraduate Studies which began with only one programme (the M.Sc. degree) in 1977 in one Faculty have expanded to the nine Faculties of the University.

Aims and Objectives
The Postgraduate School was established to coordinate all postgraduate activities in the University within the existing regulations approved by the University Senate. The objective of the School is to respond positively to the training of postgraduate students for the much needed high level manpower in the country. This includes the training of students to increase the inadequate number of University teaching staff. The school encourages multidisciplinary research and strives to achieve high standard of research training capability.

Achievements and Vision
The presence of the Postgraduate School in the University of Ilorin has raised the awareness of the staff and students within and outside the University in pursuing higher degrees. Significant number of students complete their programmes within the minimum stipulated time and the Postgraduate School processes the results of such students with dispatch to the Senate for final approval. Letters of award are issued promptly and thereafter transcripts are produced with dispatch.

This University has awarded a total of over five hundred and fifty (550) Doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D. degrees and over five thousand (5000) Masters degrees and Postgraduate diplomas. Most of these graduates are employed in various arms of the public and private sectors within and outside the country. In this way, the Postgraduate School continues to contribute to the staff development of the University which makes for significant saving university funds in training within and outside the country, Nigeria. Feedbacks from graduates showed sense of pride and gratitude for the excellent trainings received at Ilorin, which makes them to be real assets to the Educational System and offer employers. It is envisaged that the population of Postgraduate students will continue to increase and the University will be well-equipped in many aspects of her programmes to give the best training with more funding coming from within and without the University, especially the Federal Government of Nigeria and Industry.


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